Florida’s Richest and Poorest Places


On July 1, 2015, we updated the demographic data in the Florida HomeTownLocator Gazetteer with new estimates for 920 Florida places including 411 incorporated places (268 cities, 124 towns and 19 villages) and 509 census designated places (CDPs). See Gazetteer References & Data Sources for methodology.

There is population, housing and income data for the current year and forecasted growth rates for the next five years. Using a simple online data comparison tool, we’ve identified Florida’s richest and poorest places using the July 1, 2015 estimates of Average Household Income.

The North Key Largo Census Designated Place (CDP) in Monroe County has the highest Average Household Income in Florida with an average estimated to be $230,492. North Key Largo CDP has a total population of 1,252 and 561 households. Average household size is 1.88 people. The vast majority of housing units are vacant (67.2%) with Owner Occupied Housing Units of 29.4% and just 3.3% of the housing units identified occupied by renters. Average Home Value in the North Key Largo CDP is $981,337.

The Homestead Base Census Designated Place (CDP) in Miami-Dade County has the lowest Average Household Income in Florida. However, the Homestead Air Reserve Base is a military facility with unmarried members of the service living in barracks and many married members of the service living in on-base supplied family housing. These “special-case” factors make meaningful comparisons of average household income levels too complex for this study, so we’ll ignore this case and focus attention on the City of Opa-Locka.

The City of Opa-Locka in Miami-Dade County has the second lowest Average Household Income of any of the incorporated or census designated places in Florida with $28,202. Opa-Locka has a total population of 15,882 and 5,264 households. Average household size is 3.0 people. The vast majority of housing units are renter occupied (57.8%) with 27.3% owner occupied units and 14.9% of the housing units vacant. Average home value in Opa-Loka is $143,565.

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