New York’s Richest and Poorest Places


On July 1, 2015, we updated the demographic data in the New York HomeTownLocator Gazetteer with new estimates for 1,189 New York places including 617 incorporated places (62 cities and 555 villages) and 572 census designated places (CDPs). See Gazetteer References & Data Sources for methodology.

There is population, housing and income data for the current year and forecasted growth rates for the next five years. Using a simple online data comparison tool, we’ve identified New York’s richest and poorest places using the July 1, 2015 estimates of Average Household Income.

The Village of Brookville in Nassau County has the highest Average Household Income in New York with an average estimated to be $321,182. The Village of Brookville has a total population of 3,540 and 644 households. Average household size is 3.24 people. The vast majority of housing is Owner Occupied (86.4%) with 7.6% of the housing units identified as vacant. Average Home Value in the Brookville is $1,168,522.

Technically, the Stony Brook University CDP in Suffolk County has the lowest Average Household Income of any New York community, but since university students are the largest segment of the population, the average household income for this CDP is not very informative for the type of comparisons we are trying to do. Therefore, we will exclude Stony Brook University CDP from further consideration in this blog posting.

The Village of Kiryas Joel in Orange County has the second lowest Average Household Income in New York with the average estimated to be $38,951. Kiryas Joel has a population of 21,566 with 3,916 households. Average household size is 5.5. Owners occupy just 24.9% of the housing units; renters occupy 63.2% while 11.9% of the housing units are vacant. Average Home Value in Kiryas Joel is $389,576.

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